Did you know?

Massage is more than just a luxury.

Massage is one of the oldest treatments that has been used to give comfort as well as promote good health.

Both stimulating and soothing, this service is designed to relieve tension, sooth away headaches, and relax tight and aching muscles. More than just a luxury, this service can be a valuable ingredient for preventing health issues.

The first written records of massage therapy are found in China and Egypt.

The first known written massage therapy traditions come from India.

It is regarded as the basis of holistic medicine, combining meditation, relaxation and aromatherapy.

Using massage therapy to promote balance and maintain internal and external health is something that is now a standard part of the North American lifestyle.
— https://www.allalliedhealthschools.com/massage-therapist/massage-therapy-history/

If you’ve never had a massage, the time has come… There are many reasons to try this service today.

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Can't Sleep?

Imagine that you have finished your day at work, and you would love to have a good night’s sleep. But, for the last week, you have not been able to get that good sleep…

You’ve been ripping and running – as usual, taking care of all the day’s tasks in order to “Get ‘er done!” Today, your shoulders are tensing up, even more than usual… At the end of the day, you go to lay in your bed, and even though all you want to do is rest… your eyes remain open because your body is exhausted. How can it be that you are so tired that you can’t even go to sleep???

So… what do you do?

You go to the internet…    You begin to search for an answer…

You go to the internet…

You begin to search for an answer…

Is it Motrin? … or aspirin? What will work? What will ease the pain that is dull and aggravating? Or the pain that is sharp and debilitating? Is it that other over-the-counter stuff that is supposed to make the pain go away …. ???


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What if our massage specialists at Marchell’s were able to help you?

What if, instead of medicine to take the pain away, one of our massage specialists, could render a service for your shoulders that could allow for immediate relief and even extended relief to get you through the rest of your week?

The benefits of massage are not just for “right now.”

By receiving a massage on a regular basis, you will begin to see how things that you are required to do daily, can be done with much less pain and agony. You are not only stimulating the blood flow through your system, but it has been scientifically studied and determined that the endorphins that are released resulting from a massage can help improve your immune system! That’s a Win-Win scenario! A massage can relieve pain (almost instantly) AND it can help the body to fight off a cold that tries to hamper your ability to endure daily duties!

How about a good night’s rest tonight?

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Try our services today! You will be totally relaxed and pleasantly satisfied!